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Z650 Update and Rewire

So it was about time I updated this project log. I’ve ridden the bike a few times, but I’ve been suffering constant electrical gremlins. I tried replacing the regulator with a Shindengen SH775 ,but that didn’t fix things.  As the weather has been foul I’ve not had a chance to do much work on the bike.

For some time now I’ve wanted to do a complete rewire so finally I said sod it and got started. First off I wanted to do it properly and easily so my first purchase was a Motogadget M-Unit

Motogadget M-Unit

Motogadget M-Unit

Motogadget M-Unit

Motogadget M-Unit

It’s an amazing bit of kit, it makes life much easier for the rewire. To go with it I’ve order lots more kit that is arriving shortly I hope. In the mean time I started removing the old crap wiring.


The bike looks much cleaner with out all that rubbish hehe


When the rest of the kit arrives I can start planning the next phase. Here’s some of my shopping list:

Dyna S complete coils/ignition kit
Motogadget M-Unit
Motogadget M-Lock
Shorai Lithium Battery
New Spark plugs
Loads of wiring bits.
Uni Clamp On Air filters
Starter Relay


Speedo Bracket Fitted

I’ve managed to do a few more bits on the bike. I’m awaiting a few more parts before I can the last few bits done before getting it on the road.

I’ve fitted the speedo bracket into place using the existing bolt holes. I was going to paint it, but actually it looks better in silver. So I’ve left it like that for the time being. I plan on changing this in the future when I get rid of the ignition switch for an m-switch.






I’ve rewired the front brake switch to something less dodgy. I’ve also ordered a new headlamp.


It’s smaller than the current one and has led’s in a ring. That should look nicer and be safer.


Kawasaki Purchase

Well it’s been a bit slow round here.  I’ve got a few fun projects to add to the site over the next few weeks.  First up though is my first motorbike.  I bought it last week and I’m very pleased with it.


Kawasaki KZ650 Arrives

Kawasaki KZ650 Arrives

It’s a 1978 Kawasaki KZ650, though its far from standard.  It’s had the front and rear of a ZXR400 added so has much better handling and braking.  It’s also got Ducati monster exhausts for added sound.

I plan on modernising and simplifiying the bike, with the aim of making it more cafe racer styled and losing some of the bulk.

First off I’d like to clean up the bar area as it’s currently got lots on.  I’ve a wish list of parts including the following

Motogadget M-Unit

Motogadget M-Unit

Motogadget M-Unit

This will clean up the tired wiring and make the whole thing much more simple.

Next will be a new speedo

Motoscope Mini

Motoscope Mini

Motoscope Mini

This is a tiny digital speedo, that will clean up the bars.




I think with these dream items I can clear the bars up a ton and clean up the current wiring a fair bit.