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Archive for April, 2015


The shock and mudguard arrive

Ok so I’ve mainly been waiting for parts to arrive. The main ones are the rear shock and the front mudguard. They both had to be custom ordered and manufactured which took a few weeks.

While I was waiting I made a new bracket for the number plate and rear lights.



I then fitted it to the bike


I was really happy with it. I may paint it in the future, but for the meantime I will leave it as bare aluminium.

Next I took delivery of the new mudguard. It’s from skidmarx and was reasonably priced. I tried finding one on ebay, but they were either the wrong colour or damaged.


Fitting the mudguard was a little fiddly, but I got there in the end. Its a different style to the previous one and I like it. Though one day in the future I’d like to make a super low profile small one.


I’m very happy with how it looks on the bike though.

Next up was waiting for the rear shock and shock linkage. The linkage I got from ebay and was a real pig to undo, but I managed it in the end. With flames and other heating!

Today the YSS shock finally arrived.

YSS ZXR400 Rear shock

YSS ZXR400 Rear shock

Making sure it’s ok Daddy.

YSS ZXR400 Rear shock

YSS ZXR400 Rear shock

Mmmmmmh pretty!

YSS ZXR400 Rear shock

YSS ZXR400 Rear shock

I’m going to get it fitted asap as I can then get riding hopefully very soon!