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Archive for March, 2012


How to Add an instapaper button to the firefox toolbar.

I’ve been a great fan of Instapaper for a long time now.  It’s a superb way of saving great articles for later reading.  I am also a user of Firefox.  I’ve also been using that for some years and I have customised it to fit my needs.  I’ve tried switching to Chrome or Safari, but they have never fit my needs perfectly.

I used to use the great instasaver addon for firefox, but sadly it no longer works in the current version of firefox.  I’d given up ever having a simple one click button in my toolbar for saving to instapaper.  However I discovered a great addon called Custom Buttons.

Custom Button for Instapaper

Download and install the addon on from firefox.  (I used the latest developer release from here.)  Now right click on your toolbar and choose add button.

You need to add a name for the button, I chose instapaper, along with an image for the buttons icon.  I used the favicon for instapaper.


Now in the code section of the custom button window you will need to add the following:


You will need the code for the instapaper read now bookmark.  I just copied and pasted mine where it saves “BOOKMARKLET HERE”.  Hit Ok to save the button and you can now add it to your toolbar.

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