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Archive for June, 2014


Seat Pan Progress

Well, I’ve made a fair bit of progress, some of it forward, some backwards.

I spent a load of time creating a battery box mount in aluminium. I thought I had it perfectly, but I had not allowed for the support bars in the frame, so it’s not going to work.




So I’ve decided to mount the battery to the underside of the seat instead so I had to remake it.

Next I was trying to find some new brackets for the headlight as the current ones are bodge jobs and rusting. I thought these would work.


But sadly they were far to long. In the end I found some guy in Germany who cnc’d these.


They are awesome, I’ve ordered a set of indicators from the same guy.  His site is for those wanting to find out more.  I need to find some time to fit them, but I’m waiting for the indicators to arrive before fitting them.

Next up I had to paint the frame where I had cut and sanded back. I masked off the rest of the bike and went to work.


After that it was time to work on the seat pan. I first bent the sheet aluminium to the right angles



Test fit went well


I then trimmed it to get the shape of the frame.


I had created a new battery cage to be attached to the bottom of the seat pan


I’m working on the mounting points for the seat pan. I’ve drilled through the cross member and put two nutsert’s into the seat pan as the main attachment point. I’m now making a bracket to also attach the front of the seat to the frame. Using the two threaded holes under the tank.