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Computer Modding

I always try keep full project logs of my work, that you use to follow every step of my projects. I’ve been modding for quite a few years now so I’ve managed to squeeze in lots of different modding projects. I hope you enjoy my work.

Completed Modding Projects

These are the completed modding projects that I have done to date. As you can see they are quite varied and some of them have been magazine features which is always nice.

Project Little Devil:

Having owned almost a dozen shuttles including the very first model, I’ve always been a fan of them, but I’ve never really done a full blown mod project based around one. This project will change that, having sourced a bare g2 style case I have set to work creating something that is a class above the normal shuttle.

Project Log

Project Mac Cube:

In Project Bad Apple I took a standard Apple Powermac G4 case and converted it to pc use. Now I want to go down the apple route again. Taking the fabulous Apple Powermac Cube case I intend to convert it to pc use. The final aim is to have a small pretty file server for all my movies etc.

Project Log

Project Silicon:

Inspired by Mashie’s conversion of a Silicon Graphics O2 case I sourced a similiar case for a project of my own. These are very cool little cases but its a tight squeeze to fit a MATX sized motherboard inside. There have been three different versions of this project as I wasn’t happy with the first two. After nearly two years in the making its now finished. The specs of the final system is a Pentium IV 2.26ghz cpu, 512mb of Corsair Ram, 160GB Seagate HDD, Sony DVD writer and a Sapphire 9600XT Ultimate.

Project Log

Project Focus:

MiniITX motherboards have changed the modding scene dramatically a motherboard this small means you can squeeze it into much smaller places. In this mod I took a Ford Focus Shell from a radio controlled car and fitted a full working PC inside. This project has featured in Custom PC magazine.

Project Log

Project Bad Apple:

Some of my favourite case designs have come from Apple and I have always wanted to convert one of their cases for PC use. I finally got the chance with this project to do just that. This project has featured in both Custom PC magazine and on

Project Log

Project Silentmaster:

The Coolermaster ATC 110 is still by far the best case out there, I set to work on making this case even better along with being almost totally silent. This project has been featured on This was my first proper project with a clear aim in mind.

Project Log

Modding Projects on Hold/Cancelled

Projects in this category are on hold as I haven’t the time to complete them yet. I want to get back to these projects when I can.

Project Mini Me:

Using a shuttle sb61g2 motherboard and other shuttle parts, I will be making a very small aluminium case to house it all in. This will be a quick project to keep me busy till I can get Project Little Devil back on track.

Project Log

Project Watermaster:

I’ve always wanted to dabble in watercooling and I’ve been a fan of the Coolermaster ATCS 500 case for ages. When I heard that it was going to be discontinued I had to get one for old times sake before they were gone forever.

Project Log

Other Modding Project Gallerys/Info

Cubit 3 and 5 Cases from Hoojum:

I’ve recently managed to source two stunning new cases made by Hoojum, The Cubit 3 is a mini-itx case and the Cubit 5 is a replacement case for shuttle systems. Words cannot describe just how cool these cases are, stay tuned for some projects involving both these cases in the future.


Shuttle SN95G5:

This my old Shuttle SN95G5 v1 , with an AMD 64 bit 3200+ cpu, 1 gig of Corsair Ram, A seagate 200 gig hard disc, Sapphire X800xt oc’d to beyond PE levels. In short its a sweet rig.


Shuttle SB51G1

Based on a Shuttle SB51G1 in black, mods include silencing the PSU fan by replacing it with a quieter ADDA fan , Main fan replaced with a Noiseblocker S2, Rear grill removed and replaced with a laser cut grill, front facia replaced with a clear perspex front backed with real carbon fibre, Combo drive stealthed, hdd led now white, Rheostat at rear for controlling the main fan.


Coolermaster ATCS 200

Based on a Coolermaster ATCS 200 case , mods include stealthing , oval side window, plenty of lights , custom rheobus, internal lcd. This was my first case and modding project.


Coolermaster ATCS 500

Based on a Coolermaster ATCS 500 case , mods include stealthing, side window, plenty of lights , and internal lcd.


Shuttle SS51

The Shuttle SS51G2 is the first proper barebones unit that had full on specs. Before that they had been slighly limiting. This was my second shuttle that I had tried and it was an excellent little system, mods include stealthing clear front facia and lots of silencing.


Coolermaster ATCS 201

The coolermaster ATCS 201 was one of the most popular cases of its day. I had this case only for a short while but did this bespoke case window featuring a triple hexagon design. A design I very much liked, due to its simplicity.


Coolermaster ATCS 710

The Coolermaster ATCS 710 marked the beginning of the end of Coolermasters dominance of the high end case market. It was their first budget case and was very much the cheaper/nastier little brother or the rest of the range. My ATCS 710 feature custom window featuring the same triple hexagon design as my ATCS 201.