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Archive for August, 2014


Slow Progress

Well, I’ve not had a chance to do very much on the bike, as we’ve had a more important addition to the family


He’s taken a bit of focus away from the bike for some reason 😀

What I have been doing is fighting the mirrors wiring. The mirrors are supposed to be attached inside the bars, but they just don’t work very well. They come loose all the time. I tried various mirrors, but in the end realised the best method was to attach them around the bars and shift everything else inward. This leaves a hole in the bar end which I picked up some Hope Bar Doctors from the cycle shop. They were a nightmare to fit due to the bars, but I have one side in okish.


The other side will wait until I fit the new throttle.

Next up I’ve been wanting to fit a replacement clutch cable as the original one was far too long and frankly dangerous. After reading a tip on here that the z1 was a good fit, I swapped them over. Getting the sprocket cover off was a little bit tricky, but I got it done in the end.



I’ve been wiring up the rear lights and indicators which I think I’m on the third different way of doing it now. I was going to use waterproof connectors, but these just end up looking messy. So I’m just going to solder and sheath them all instead.

Next target is to get the wiring done and tested, then to try to find a time with my wife and the baby so that I can finish my seat cover.