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8 February 2011

New Desk Time

I’ve had various desk over the years. From shop bought ones to ones I’ve made myself. I’ve enjoyed making them very much in the past, but for my new office I decided to buy one from Ikea instead of making one. The upside to this was the cost and speed. The downside it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

With my new setup I had a Humanscale M7 mount for my then Apple Cinema display. However the construction of the IKEA desk wasn’t good enough and the desk started to bend in the area with the vesa mount met the desk. I hate to think what my new 27in ACD would have done to it!

So with my lovely wife wanting to take a trip to IKEA for some storage items, I decided to take a look at the desk options again.

I came back with the following
A Vika Furuskog desktop
Vika Furuskog

It’s a large solid pine desktop that is nice a chunky. No more terrible particle board desk for me.

I then picked up 4 Vika Curry legs in red as I wanted to bring some more colour to the office.
Vika Curry

I also took a trip to B&Q to collect a shelf. I’m going to mount this to the underside of the new desk to hide the cables behind.

The first step is to stain the desk and shelf. Currently the shelf has had it’s first two coats with a third to come.

I will post a progress report when I have some.

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